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Our proven ability to craft achievable financing solutions consistent with management’s goals and priorities drives our business.

We translate management’s priorities into financing solutions. We work confidentially and efficiently to learn management’s perspectives about their primary challenges, opportunities and potential uses of capital.

We share with management our valuation and risk analyses based upon our expertise as managers of institutional capital.

We discuss financing alternatives including their explicit costs and other practical considerations. We empower management by providing insight into sophisticated institutional investors’ valuation processes to optimize financing solutions by balancing multiple and often competing considerations such as cost, flexibility and size.

Our toolkit includes the entire capital structure spectrum, from common equity through secured debt and countless combinations and customizable hybrid structures in between.

Our vast asset management experience combined with our innovative structuring ability allows us to improve the efficiency of both the financing process and the structures themselves.

We seek to work with issuers to whom we can provide superior financing solutions.

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