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We work solely with institutional capital. While Promethean-managed funds sometimes have been the sole capital provider, the majority of our solutions have been funded by our closest third party asset manager relationships.

The investors with whom we work closest prefer to tie their investment success more to the strength of their own fundamental analyses rather than the less predictable and sometimes confounding asset price moves in the broader public markets.

Because of their capacity and confidence in their valuation skills, these investors are willing and able to assume greater illiquidity risks and invest in greater size with more certainty and in less time than available generally in the public markets.

Every financing solution is different, but most are structured as multi-year investments.

Because our capital relationships have such scale and the amount of work we and they perform on any investment is determined by structure more than size, larger opportunities generally present greater efficiencies.

We structure solutions in varying sizes, including some as small as several million dollars, but with an eye towards potentially larger financing opportunities if issuers’ capital needs grow.

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